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About Nishida Shaheen

We are a luxury Abaya brand based in Dubai focused in creating an elegant and personalized design for the modern day woman.

Our brand is conceptualized and created for offering our valuable customers a unique experience of wearing an elegant and premium quality Abaya designs. Each Abaya is carefully crafted and designed by Nishida Shaheen. I am deeply mindful and conscious about the huge responsibility by associating my name against a brand and hence my mission is to achieve the best quality and create a unique identity in all outfits that I design for my clients.

I always had a huge passion for design and a keen eye to upkeep with the latest prevailing trends. From a very young age I used to design my own outfits which caught the attention as they stood out from the rest. I was complimented and supported by my family and friends which gave me the direction and courage to launch this clothing line.

Our Mission is to educate and empower modern woman about the vast array of Abayas available and how to dress fashionably without breaking the modesty.

Our aim is to change the usual perception of how a Muslim progressive woman should look and dress and raise the standards for others to admire and follow.

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